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Mountbatten Advertising is a specialist in liveried advertising for premier hotels and the travel market, offering elegant advertising on London licensed taxis in keeping with the superior status of the client.

The elegance of the advert, often a replica of the clients logo and in the client's house colour, is instantly noticeable to vast number of Londoners seeing the taxis drive through the streets of London.

Each taxi becomes a mobile advertisement seen at least 6 days per week, complimented by interior seat adverts to further inform passengers during their journey.

Each side panel bonnet and roofline can become an advertisement and the colour of the taxi can match the house colour of the client.

Interior seat advertisements capture the attention of the passengers for the duration of the journey, often between 15-40 minutes, and with most passengers having mobile phones a response to the advert can often be made from the taxi.

Drivers of the taxi can also promote clients' brochures.